About Us

General Information

Hello and welcome to FindChia! We are an international, distributed team of industry veterans and crypto evangelists. Having turned our eyes at Chia, a green and eco friendly crypto currency, we have made a decision to support it by creating a trusted mining pool. With a “miners for miners” approach, the pool fees are set to low 1% for everyone, and payouts are available in the currency of your choice, or directly to a cold storage crypto wallet.

Other activities of the FindChia team include P2P crypto and fiat payments, distributed storage systems, decentralised networks and smart contracts. With the advance of Chialisp, XCH based smart contracts and acceptance by media and community, we feel as confident as ever and invite everyone to farm together with us on findchia.com.

Questions, suggestions, or just want to drop us a line? We’re always here [email protected] Quick answers and communication is guaranteed during business hours UTC (UK time).

Company number: 13578725

Office 1.01 411- 413
Oxford Street
London W1C 2PE United Kingdom