It all starts with installation, you guessed it.

Join that Pool already

Up next please make sure your node and wallet are fully synced. Then, continuing on, open up the app and go all the way down the left menu to the "Pool" button and click on "Join a pool".


Creating an NFT Plot

Simply click on "Connect to pool" and paste this URL down below. Then press on "Create" button.


What if I'm not getting the option to go ahead and create the NFT plot?

That means you have to add XCH from the faucet beforehand. But don't worry, this option pops up right after "Join the Pool" step. Here, check it out.

add XCH

Where do I find the Wallet Address?

It's placed on the left side of your menu bar on the Chia app.


Everything is perfectly synced now! What's next?

Now let's get on to the fun stuff, shall we? Let's get those portable plots ready! Go to the Plots Menu icon, press the "Add A Plot" button, fill everything up, and, most importantly, pay attention to the 5th step. You're gonna have to select the Plot NFT you have just made for FindChia. Clicking "Create" is going to be your finale step. And that's about it! You are ready to go!