Installing the Chia Plotter software

To automate the process, you will need the Chia Plotter program. Download Chia Plotter.


First of all, we recommend activating the program with full program functionality. To do this, open up the "Automation" tab, then click on "Automatic creation of plots", which leads you to this window in which you will be interested in the code.


The easiest option is to click on the "Contact the developer" link and send the code of your program via telegram. The developer will offer you a payment method. Pay, get the code, and simply insert it in the "Registration key" field. Congratulations, the program is now activated!

Setting things up

The fastest way to replott is to download the latest MadMax version. In the Settings section, select Mad Max and click download. Download the zip, open it and transfer the file to a folder that is convenient for you. This is usually would be a folder with the Chia Plotting program. Continuing on, select the file location path chia_plot.exe by MadMax.

Next up, specify the standard plotting settings:

  • Temporary folder (your SSD)
  • Destination folder
  • The amount of memory (leave at least 10% for Windows to work)
  • The number of threads (leave at least 1-2 threads for Windows to work)
  • Number of buckets (recommended using 256)
In order for your plots to be linked to the pool, you must point it out it in the program.


You won't have to go anywhere from where you are, all the data you need is placed in the program interface. Just click on the three-dots button on the right corner of the "Pool contract address" title, wait for a window with your address to pop up, after that click on select. Following the same instruction, do the same to the "Farmer public key". Save the program settings by clicking on the save button.

Automation set up

In the "Automation" paragraph, place the checkmark on "Automatic plot creation".
If you need to delete the old plots one by one and replace it with new ones, then in this section select the disk with the plots that you would like to recreate.
To determine the plots on the disk that need to be recreated by the program, go down to the "Database" tab. Click "Upload/update plots from the folder". Select your disk for it. The program will specify the number of plots on the disk and display them as a list in the table below. In this table, you need to mark the plots that need to be recreated. Save all the settings and run the program. This program automatically helps to seed your disks without your participation. The seeding speed is significantly increased thanks to the use of a plotter by MadMax.