Switching between the pools/switching the contract

Alright, here is a short scheme of actions:

  • Check the synchronization and if it is not complete, wait for it be completed.
  • In the contract click on "Delete Unconfirmed Transactions" and agree with conditions.
  • Click "Change Pool" and enter a new pool address.
  • The contract status will then change to "Pending". Now wait until 100 blocks will pass in the network, it will take up to 30 minutes.
  • After all that, the address of the pool in your contract will change to a new one and the status will again show "Pooling".

Up next, all the above steps and potential errors are analyzed in greater details

First and foremost, the Full node and Wallet should be synchronized with the network.
Before entering a new pool address or switching to solo, make sure that the Full node tab (you can see that down below) showing the synced status. And the connection status is connected.


In your "Pool overview" the Wallet status should be synced as well.


Now, delete pending transactions in the contract that you need to be switched:


You gonna need to confirm this action in the pop-up window:


Press on "Change pool".


In the "Connect to Pool" field, paste the address of the new pool - "pool.findchia.com":


Then press on "Сhange" button.


At first glance, nothing has really changed. Yet!


What you'll see in just a few minutes or so:


And here ya go:


Potential errors

If you try to switch a contract without deleting the unconfirmed transactions, this message will occure:


If the first attempt to switch has not yet been completed, you'll see the following message after repeating your attempt:


You can get the status «Invalid State» if there were several attempts to switch the contract inputting your new pool address, or after trying to switch to "self" or all the variations combined:


You could also get this error after repeatedly trying to switch: